12-14 OCTOBER 2020

Riccione, Palazzo dei Congressi

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Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 12th edition of ICAR, the Italian Conference on AIDS and Antiviral Research, will take place in Riccione from October 12 to 14 2020 at Palazzo dei Congressi.

ICAR 2020, strengthened by the path and the experience acquired in these years in proposing itself as an abstract-driven Congress, returns to Riccione to discuss the suitable methodologies today and the crucial issues in the battle against HIV infection and other viral infections. It presents a congress characterized by a strong interaction between basic, translational and clinical research and inspired by the need for a common language between the scientific community, patients and civil society.

ICAR 2020 is aimed at young people to promote with determination the visibility of clinicians, basic researchers, nurses, social workers, volunteers in associations through Young Investigators and Community Scholarships. It is aimed at young people to listen to their voice with the RaccontART Contest and reward their merit by reconfirming the ICAR-CROI Awards event.

In terms of public health, the ICAR 2020 edition will also face the problems connected with the treatment and prevention of viral infections by opening up to civil society with the offer of the HIV and HCV Rapid Test for the population.

We will put all our efforts into it and count on the collaboration of you all.
See you in Riccione!

Massimo Clementi   Sandro Mattioli   Cristina Mussini   Guido Silvestri   Marcello Tavio

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